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The NVC CO2 Tax Calculators are free of charge and downloadable from this page. Please read the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page. You can experiment with any number of vehicle and income variations and save your results as a print out. The program is guaranteed free from any spyware or add-ons whatsoever.

System Requirements.

You will need to have Access 97, Access 2000 or Access 2002 installed on your computer.*

There are different versions of the CO2 Tax Calculator for each version of Access and for each of these versions there is a Windows 98 version and a Windows XP version. Each program is very lightweight and quick to download. Providing you choose the download that matches your version of Access the programs for different versions of Windows simply use matching graphics features. (If you have Windows 2000 or Windows ME the Windows 98 version is likely to be the best match.)

Saving and opening the program.

Download the version you require and save it to your desktop. The folder contains the Tax Calculator and a Help file. Although all our software is pre-scanned for viruses, we advise that you re-check it before opening by right clicking on the zipped file and selecting the option to scan with your own anti-virus software. Unless you have Windows XP operating system, you will need WinZip to open the file. Windows XP has its own unzipping tool. If you have WinZip, right click on the zipped file again and choose 'WinZip' and then 'Extract to'. You can then choose the location where you want the program to run from ('Desktop' is usually the easiest). Alternatively you can choose 'Open with WinZip' or simply double click on it. The first method is the simplest and quickest. If you are using the XP tool, simply right click and choose 'Extract all'

Please choose the version you require from here:

Windows 98 (2000, ME) Windows XP
Access 97 - 103 KB zipped and 412 KB unzipped Access 97 - 109 KB zipped and 408 KB unzipped
Access 2000 - 55 KB zipped and 384 KB unzipped Access 2000 - 57 KB zipped and 384 KB unzipped
Access 2002 - 57 KB zipped and 380 KB unzipped Access 2002 - 59 KB zipped and 388 KB unzipped.

* If you do not have Access installed on your computer and want a (much larger) version that contains the runtime files necessary to run an Access application, please let us know or email Techspression directly.

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Terms and Conditions of use

This program is provided free of charge and without warranty by NVC (Newlease Vehicle Contracts). While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy, in making use of this free tool, you accept that NVC shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by the use of this program or information provided by linked websites. The program is guaranteed free from any spyware or add-ons whatsoever. Always consult a professional adviser before making any decisions that might affect your tax position.

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