Car Insurance tips and guide

Pay less for Car insurance less with smaller, safer, more secure and environmentally friendly cars.

We strongly recommend that you check the cost of your motor insurance before completing your agreement since it could be quite different to your current premium. You will be required to take out fully comprehensive insurance cover. There are opportunities for saving money by going for a lower insurance group vehicle. Vehicles with better safety and security specifications will generally attract lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies will also factor in the value of the vehicle, the cost of replacement parts, typical labour costs and its brake horse power. Unsurprisingly, the faster it goes and the more powerful the acceleration, the more it costs to insure. Coincidentally, there is quite a close relationship between vehicles with lower insurance costs and vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. The lower the CO2 emissions the lower your GVED (road tax) will be and the lower your running costs. If you are using a company car, lower CO2 emissions also mean that you will pay less benefit in kind tax from your salary. When looking for car or van insurance it pays to shop around and check that you are being offered the same features with each insurance quote you receive. We show some points to consider below. Most of the big UK car insurance companies will offer these features as standard but it pays to check these details with them.

Car insurance checklist - important points to check with your insurance company:

  • Flexible insurance premium payment schemes
  • Guaranteed or protected no claims bonus schemes
  • Provision of a courtesy car while insurance work is carried out
  • Discounts for Pass Plus and Advanced Drivers
  • Uninsured Loss Recovery
  • Legal protection

Our review pages include information about most of the above considerations. If we haven't reviewed a vehicle our staff can tell you the recommended insurance group of the vehicle you are interested in. These insurance groups are based on ratings assessed and set by The Association of British Insurers, a trade body with a code of practice to which all their members must subscribe. Their web site contains more information and any changes to ratings that may have taken place since our data was last updated. While you might want to check that your insurers are a member of this organization, their ratings are purely advisory and therefore the insurance group allocated to any vehicle may vary from one insurance company to to another. You can find more information about their ratings on their web site at - (copy and paste into your browser address bar).

Car insurance costs can be affected by individual circumstances :

  • Where you live
  • Convictions & endorsements
  • Occupation
  • Health (you should declare anything that might affect your policy at the outset)
  • Age
  • What the vehicle is used for

Many new developments in safety have been encouraged by Euro NCAP. You can find explanations of their testing procedures and criteria on their web site at - (copy and paste into your browser address bar). Euro NCAP test ratings are frequently quoted in reviews because they provide an independent and objective set of benchmarks against which to compare the overall safety of different cars.

Another organization that carries out influential research and testing on security and safety of vehicles is The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre at Thatcham ( You can look up security and whiplash ratings on their web site.

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